The Experience

Adapted attractions and rides for all

With a total of 30 acres (approximately 12 hectares), Morgan’s Wonderland features a variety of fun-filled attractions designed to delight and enchant. Visitors can take an exciting train ride on the customized Wonderland Express, even in a wheelchair! Specially designed chariots on a beautifully adorned carousel are fully adapted to not only allow a wheelchair to be loaded and secured in place, but also allow the rider to experience the enjoyment of the up and down motion of a classic carousel.

Like our other attractions, the O-Road Express Jeep ride can be enjoyed by everyone! A customized platform facilitates the loading and securing of a wheelchair in the rear of the jeep allowing the rider to experience the thrill of the road with friends and family!

If our visitors need a break from the weather, the temperature controlled Sensory Village offers a welcomed respite. Inside the Sensory Village you’ll find a quaint streetscape with colorful shop facades. Stop by the Village Grocery Store and “shop for” and “buy” groceries, saunter over to the Horse Barn and ride one of our special horses that is not only fun but therapeutic. Be a star and see yourself on TV with the use of green screen technology or “drive” a sporty BMW through downtown streets when you visit the Fix-It Shop.

Other features include The Wharf, a fishing pier where visitors can navigate their own remote controlled pirate ship or catch and release live sh! A shaded amphitheater offers a place to sit and be entertained or simply enjoy the view and Waterworks is a water play table sure to oer hours of fun! Our guests can enjoy the shaded butterfly-shaped playground where they can play on customized swings adapted to accept wheelchairs. Visit our Music Garden and be a rock star or simply relax and enjoy listening to the musical tones of the outdoor instruments.

The original Morgan’s Wonderland features a spacious Event Center equipped with full-size basketball court which also doubles as the perfect venue for galas and other special events.