Design Process

  • Site tour highlighting special features and approximate costs.
  • Round Table discussions with Architectural/Engineering and Park Operations representatives.
  • Information provided on history of park, process of opening a Wonderland and available options with hard/soft costs.
Feasibility Phase
  • Scope of project defined.
  • Pro-forma operational and construction budgets developed.
  • Tentative lead times, milestones and timelines established.
Planning Phase
  • Detailed site evaluations performed.
  • Preliminary Master Plan developed.
  • Marketing, media and community engagement.
  • Assistance in securing community, business and governmental support.
  • Potential locations assessed.
Construction Phase

The Construction Phase comprises of all design, construction and operational components, further defined as:

  • Creation of schematic master plan.
  • Identification of park features and entertainment attractions.
  • Design development process.
  • Interview process and recommendation of local “architect of record” and engineering consultants.
  • Procurement of rides and accessible equipment.
  • Identification of local contractors for construction bidding.
  • Evaluation of bids and recommendations and provision of overall construction costs for financing.
  • Assistance in project coordination and project timelines.
  • Creation of marketing process to provide public awareness of project.
  • Periodic project review with “Architect of Record”.
  • Assistance in ride and sensory attractions order and installation.
  • Assistance in pre-opening marketing process.
  • Park operations training.
  • Provision of website and collateral design.
  • Assistance in construction closeout.
  • Provision of “Soft Opening” process and assistance in planning for Grand Opening.